Thursday, August 3, 2017

Tooth whitening

Tooth whitening results in a very attractive and beautiful effect that can be achieved without removing any part of the structure of the tooth. It should be known that no radical change in color is possible. There is a lighter tone on the base color of the tooth. There are different reasons why people want to whiten their teeth. People are different and, as different hair colors, the color of the skin, so is the color and the shade of the teeth. There are very few people who have very white teeth, and you should know that with age, changing the color of teeth, become darker. Teeth can be darkened by a number of factors such as food and beverages such as coffee, tea, red wine, blueberries. In addition, smoking also results in darkening of the teeth. The tooth is part of the factors that affect the color of the teeth. Many people are undergoing regular antibiotic treatment, which in most cases results in a change in color. Professional teeth whitening is the most effective way to achieve a whiter teeth. If you have decided to whiten your teeth, you should consult your dentist who will explain to you about the procedure itself. Your dentist should assess whether your teeth are suitable for bleaching therapy. The main active ingredient in bleaching agents is hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. When the active ingredient decomposes, the oxygen enters the tooth enamel and makes the color of the tooth look lighter. The entire teeth whitening procedure can be completed in three to four weeks. Initially two or three visits to your dentist are needed. To carry out the procedure, the brace made specifically for your teeth is used on fingerprints taken in advance. The latest procedures can also be carried out at home, by yourself. Only regular use of the balls filled with the whitening gel is required for about 3-4 weeks. Apply for about 30 minutes to an hour a day. New products are already on the market that can be applied to the teeth for about 8 hours during sleep. They also lead to a faster effect. Many dental surgeries today also offer teeth whitening through a laser. Bleaching by this method is done by the dental specialist only and the result is achieved much faster. Laser whitening can lighten the color of your teeth with 5-6 tons. The duration of the effect of dental lightening is too individual. It can last from one to three years, but the effect is much shorter in smoking, when drinking beverages and foods that affect the color of the teeth. Many patients whose teeth are bleached report their teeth sensitivity to cold products and beverages. These sensations are observed during or after the procedure itself. Others report discomfort in their gums, burning throat or white spots on the mucous membrane. These symptoms are often temporary and should disappear within a few days after the completion of your teeth whitening course. If any of these symptoms persist, then it is advisable to consult your dentist. It is important that you have a long lasting effect and that you can enjoy your beautiful smile longer, take care of it. You should reduce or avoid foods and beverages that may stain your teeth, reduce or stop smoking.

Heart changes its activity in the summer

When summer is at its peak, it is especially important to enjoy the benefits and the positives of the sun, to know well the risks it carries. The cardiovascular system is very sensitive and fluctuations in temperature, atmospheric pressure, the amount of water and electrolytes in the body can affect its activity. Even a fully healthy heart has difficulty in the heat of the summer season. Everyone can feel instant breathlessness, chest weight, blood pressure fluctuations, heart rate increase. In people with acute or chronic cardiac distress this is much more common. How do high temperatures affect the cardiovascular system? Large temperature amplitudes reflect the tone of the blood vessels. While on the one hand they enlarge the arteries, the heat leads on the other hand to a spasm of the capillaries and veins. This leads to variations in blood pressure and increases the risk of hypertonic and hypotonic crises, strokes, heart attacks or other healthcare symptoms. In the summer season, hormone levels that directly affect heart activity (for example, thyroid hormones) change. High temperatures cause the skin to expand in order to cool, but dehydration may occur. This, along with total body dehydration due to inadequate fluid intake, results in "blood compression", load pumping function of the heart, and increases the risk of thrombus formation. Apart from the climatic features, the summer season is associated with typical summer holidays. Excess or lack of sleep changes the rhythm of metabolism. Insufficient rest creates heart and vessel stress, increasing the risk of heart attack, hypertonic crises, arrhythmias. Excessive sleep, in turn, favors hyperlipidemia, obesity and diabetes. Alcohol, even in small quantities, increases the risk of rhythm disturbances. The most common is atrial fibrillation. Scented and cold beverages are very unfavorable to heart rhythm, irritating the so-called sinus node from where electrical impulses originate. It is desirable to receive hot or slightly chilled liquids and never icy. What heart disease is dangerous for hot weather? • The most seriously threatened people with rhythm-conduction disorders. In case of intense sweating, valuable electrolytes are lost which affect the occurrence and conduction of electrical impulses. Particular care should be taken by people taking multiple medications, one of which is a diuretic.  • Patients with arterial hypertension are also affected by the summer season. Despite the general decline in blood counts, frequent fluctuations, even hypertonic crises, are often reported. This is determined both by the high temperatures and the loss of liquids.  • Ischemic heart disease suffers frequent angina attacks during the summer season. This is also helped by atypical loads that one causes the summer. Such are transitions to nature, climbing of mountain routes, long swimming in water, heavy repair or agricultural activities. What are the recommendations for heart patients as well as everyone else? • The intake of liquids should be about 1.5 l of activity, of course, tailored to the patient's weight, physical activity, feeling thirsty. Deficiency leads to dehydration, and surplus to volume load on the heart. It's good, except water, to drink aryan, fruit juices, cold tea. • Do not take any medications or reduce them without a doctor's recommendation • Food should be light and vegetarian because the meat leads to additional warming of the body and damages the metabolism. Do not overdo alcohol and carbonated beverages. • Avoid walks and outdoor work in the hottest and sunniest hours of the day. It is desirable to do before 12 and after 17 hours, especially in the elderly. • Patients with heart disease should avoid severe physical stresses in warm weather, and long stays do or do not bend. • If fainting, palpitations, blackouts, tinnitus, weight in the heartbeat are to be immediately discontinued, go to a cool place and the body calms down. If complaints do not reduce to seek medical help.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Water Retention

Water retention is a common problem, especially in summer. Sometimes the reasons are quite harmless, and in other cases the water retention is a symptom of health disease or may be a reason for the appearance of such.

Why hold water?
Water retention is often caused by low water intake, which causes the body to store water. Otherwise, a result of dehydration, is likely to experience headaches, insomnia, muscle cramps, fatigue, constipation, joint pain, low blood pressure, dizziness, bloating, weight gain, formation of kidney stones and so on. Mr. To prevent this, the best solution is simply to drink more water. Avoid too salty foods, spicy and fatty foods that require a lot of water in their digestion process, which further exacerbates the problem of dehydration.

How can you tell if you are dehydrated?
If you do not notice any symptoms of dehydration and not feel dryness in your mouth, then the safest way to know if your body needs more fluids is urine color. It should be clear and bright in color, and in case of dehydration is cloudy and dark (amber). Water retention is a common problem that accompanies menstrual cycle of every woman, and menopause. This is something characteristic of pregnancy, often water retention resulting in swelling and swelling of the limbs. Water retention can be a sign of kidney and liver and cardiovascular disease, hormonal problems, low levels of vitamin C in the body.

Artificial hormones and women health

Some women take hormones for a large part of his life. Could it harm them? Here's the answer Specialists for and against artificial hormones. Artificial hormones regulate metabolism, guide our love lives and determine our mood - the secret directors hormones in our body. Very often the question arises, whether by artificial or plant hormones do not violate the delicate balance in the body. Endocrinologists share the latest scientific views on the matter.

Is it dangerous longstanding acceptance of antibaby pills?
Contraceptive pill is prescribed for many years and there is absolutely reliable information about its effects and side effects. Women without fear can take this pill for a long time, even several years in a row. Most preparations are today a small dosage. The fear that the pill could distort the hormonal balance in the body, in most cases groundless. But it is also found that smokers should quit the pill because their risk of cardiovascular disease and thrombosis sharply increases with use. The risk is high and over 35 years old and overweight.

Filling you with artificial hormones?
The first generation of women who used the pill really noticed an increased appetite and weight gain. In today's modern products with reduced dosage it is not observed. However, during the first few months can be a temporary water retention. Specific preparations containing progestogen, prevent this.

Do hormones treat migraines?
Some women who take the pill suffer from hormonal fluctuations. During the seven-day holiday when the pill is not taken in their estrogen levels decline. This can trigger a migraine. During this period, these women may be prescribed estrogenosadarzhashti their medications. Migraine caused by other reasons, this treatment had no effect.

Artificial hormones cause you cancer?
No. Women who take the pill should not be afraid. Earlier, doctors feared that the protective equipment cause cancer of the breast, ovaries and uterus, but no such relationship was found in the observations. Studies have shown that hormones do not cause cancer, but can result in growth of existing cells - both benign and malignant. This means that existing influenced by tumor cells hormone pills may accelerate their growth.

Does soy products affect the hormones in our body?
It is believed that the hormones of plant origin on the basis of soy upset our hormonal system and thus can affect thyroid function. Until now, scientists have not been able to clearly identify such dependence. If someone occasionally - once or twice a week, eat tofu or drink a glass of soy milk, should not be afraid of unpleasant consequences.

How to reduce the risks of hormone therapy?
Each hormone therapy - whether of contraception or to mitigate complaints in menopause - should be used after extensive research and interpretations. If there are no available disease or hereditary predispositions which are contraindicated, the following rule applies: the lowest possible dosage. The doctor must at least once a year, mainly to examine your breasts and uterus.

Tips to strengthen the hormonal system
Stress, lack of sleep and poor nutrition disrupt the formation of hormones in our body.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Malaria is half beaten

Humanity is already halfway to the final victory over malaria. Over the next 10 years that so terrible and media in the past disease will be completely eradicated in one third of the countries where it is currently meeting. These are the conclusions of the report of the World Health Organization said on Tuesday. To date, malaria is still a threat to nearly half the world population - 3.3 billion people. Only in 2009 she caused the death of over 800 thousand inhabitants of Africa even though modern medicine has sufficient knowledge and medication this disease does not deadly. But the problem arises from the low level of health care in some underdeveloped countries. The only incurable malaria at the moment obviously bureaucracy. It is this obstacle and disease remain entirely in history as it happened with the plague ended the WHO report.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How to threat the fungus

According to medical statistics announces from internet health journal, every fifth person suffers from a fungal disease of the hands or feet. Mycosis refer to these highly contagious diseases that are difficult to treat. Under the influence of fungal skin redness, peeling, the crack, the patient experiences severe itching. When nail fungus is, they darken, thicken and turn yellow. Most recently emerged systemic antifungals that successfully fight the disease. Doctors usually prescribe comprehensive treatment - cream in combination with tablets or varnish. But successful treatment, which is very long, you need to follow certain rules if you want to care about your skin and your beauty.
1. Neither drug will not help you if you do not do special processing of footwear, socks and even a bath.
Fungi are contagious and can be infected by ourselves. For disinfection of shoes we need at least 20% formalin solution. Moisten a cloth with it and rub the inside of your shoes that you wear during treatment. Then wrap them in cellophane and let it sit for an hour. This procedure must be done every few days before and after treatment. For other shoes will need a paper bag or envelope and a small jar. Pour the jar of formalin, place it in the bottom of the bag around the shoes and tie arrange package. After 4 hours you can safely use the shoes.
2. Should be disinfected and socks.
For this purpose, they should be carefully ironed on the outside and inside. The thin silk stockings and tights can be soaked in a solution of vinegar and then rinse.
3. Carefully clean the tub with vinegar.
After bathing rub the surface of the tub with vinegar and after some time wash it with water. This disinfection is required after each use of the bath.
4. Caring for your nails.
Each time before processing nails must drink several layers of contaminated surfaces with a special file, then you need to digest and heat over high heat. Otherwise it will become a source of infection. If you carefully follow these rules must be dealt with. You need to know that the infected nail tissue is replaced with healthy very slowly - toenails treated for half a year, but absolutely healthy look they will be only after 10-12 months.

How to prevent from Premature birth

Premature birth is the most common cause of prenatal mortality among infants. The internet website give really good explanations of the Premature birth. More than one hundred thousand babies die every year due to premature birth and three hundred thousand others lose their sight or hearing, or the ability of a normal life. And, of course, affects the lives of their parents - physically and in many cases physically. Sometimes the mother is also at great risk by dealing with problems breathing, passing through severe mental and physical trauma, inability to conceive again. The problem is more serious than it appears at first glance. Some babies can have a normal life, but most do not live or that time or lose some mental or physical abilities.
To overcome the risk of premature birth, a pregnant woman and her family should make as much care - in terms of the medication, diet and lifestyle. It is always better to take preventive measures to forbid even a problem. Here is a list of five steps that can be taken from the beginning of pregnancy and birth - to prevent premature birth.
Prenatal care - always first
You should always start with some measures before pregnancy and regularly visit their doctor. It is good to construct a schedule that fits best and most healthy of our lifestyle. We can visit a nutritionist to advise you what to eat during this period.
Assessment of risk factors
Every two weeks is advisable to go to review. Must be familiar with potential hazards such as caffeine, cigarettes and various substances, high blood pressure and diabetic conditions, to make sure that we are healthy lifestyle.
To monitor your weight
Normal and healthy is during pregnancy increase 5-8 kg. Actually cause for concern would be if you do not get fat Every review must monitor your weight with your doctor to make sure it does not stop somehow the fetus.
Keeping a healthy diet
It is recommended during pregnancy to limit the consumption of salt and completely avoid spicy foods. Our daily diet should include lots of green leafy vegetables, soy products, cooked food and fruits. It is also good to drink as much water and other fluids.
Medications - only after consulting a doctor
You should always consult a doctor before you start taking any medication. Medications can have side effects that make a pregnancy risk. Why you should never listen to friends or family relatives to any medications, but call the doctor. Premature birth can result from many causes such as pregnancy at a later age, excessive use of contraceptives, previous cesarean delivery. Today, many women do not find enough time to care for themselves and parents should be run all day between home and office and often lead unhealthy lifestyles. With these reasons, many women justify the fact that they do not go often enough to consult a gynecologist. So the least we can do is to always keep at least the basic recommendations for prevention. Ultimately what we all want is a healthy pregnancy and easy delivery.